Women Won't Name Harassing Venture Capitalists, Even Anonymously

Nitasha Tiku · 08/08/14 03:30PM

In the past couple weeks both Forbes and Wired have published first-hand accounts of the perils of "fundraising while female." The anecdotes about harassment, discrimination, and the hassle of disproving an investor's assumptions about gender are familiar. But you won't find the name of single male venture capitalist who made these women feel compromised, harassed, belittled, or duped.

Empowering Kickstarter Will Make a Calendar of Beautiful Gaming Babes

Nitasha Tiku · 11/14/13 06:45PM

Sometimes when girls be gaming, they like to bite their bottom lip as they lean suggestively upon an electronic device. Other times, female gamers coyly bite down on a power cord while their cleavage is exposed because they just love gaming that hard.

Nitasha Tiku · 04/29/13 09:11AM

The tech industry's attitude toward hiring women? For display only. "I was really surprised by how many design—let alone development—firms had women as window dressing: one woman on the team, and it turns out she's the salesperson."