Sam Biddle · 07/02/14 10:25AM

Sheryl Sandberg apologizes for the Facebook study that deliberately made certain users feel bad emotions: "We never meant to upset you." Well.

What Has Lean In Done for You Lately?

Nitasha Tiku · 03/14/14 04:45PM

Last March, Sheryl Sandberg launched Lean In, a non-profit offshoot of her best-selling book. At the time of the organization's launch, it was too early to tell exactly who would benefit from the politically ambitious Facebook executive's top-down empowerment agenda. But now, one year later—after a high-profile publicity tour, a sworn commitment to diversifying stock photos, and the world's only meh Beyoncé video—and Sandberg still doesn't have a good answer.

Lena Dunham's Publicity Tour of Silicon Valley

Nitasha Tiku · 02/14/14 04:20PM

You can't crown yourself the voice of this generation without a little tech cred. Why else has Lena Dunham been popping up around Silicon Valley this week?

Why Are Sheryl Sandberg's DC Meetings Secret?

Sam Biddle · 10/16/13 10:26AM

The next stop on Sheryl Sandberg's Sheryl Sandberg Publicity Tour: our shuttered nation's capital, where the shutdown means government officials are happy to meet you, but unable to explain to anyone why.

Sheryl Sandberg: Not at Work

Sam Biddle · 09/17/13 03:48PM

Facebook's best-selling author-in-residence and part-time COO Sheryl Sandberg is on another publicity tour. Don't take our word for it: she uploaded a snap that contains 14 separate images of her face as proof. Remind us again, who's doing her job at Facebook when she isn't?