Nitasha Tiku · 11/18/14 07:02PM

If you had a wager on which tech reporter would quit journalism to get paid by the company he once covered, I hope you bet on a long shot. The staff of TechCrunch is intact. But Snapchat believer Ellis Hamburger is leaving The Verge to work for Snapchat.

Snapchat Dances on Money to Unveil New Payment Feature

Kevin Montgomery · 11/17/14 04:20PM

Snapchat, an unprofitable company "worth" $10 billion, just unveiled a new feature called "Snapcash." It allows teen users send each other money, just like Venmo already does. Snapchat celebrated the feature by dressing actors up in suits with dollar signs and having them dance on showers of cash.

Source: Yahoo Is Investing $20 Million In Snapchat

Nitasha Tiku · 10/03/14 03:20PM

Earlier today, the Wall Street Journal broke the news that Yahoo, the corporate equivalent of Remember the 90's is "close" to investing in Snapchat, the fratty harbinger of our ephemeral future, at a $10 billion valuation. A source told Valleywag the amount Yahoo is investing is only $20 million and that the deal has closed.

Kevin Montgomery · 08/26/14 06:22PM

Snapchat is joining the ranks of startups "worth" $10 billion. According to the Wall Street Journal, Kleiner Perkins is investing $20 million into the ephemeral messaging app. That cash infusion gives the company a new 11-digit valuation, despite lacking "a clear business model."

Teens Are Literally Crawling on the Floor For the New Snapchat

Nitasha Tiku · 05/02/14 10:15AM

The level of interest app-makers can command for adding new features is usually limited to a dutiful parroting of the press release on tech blogs. Maybe a mass privacy freakout, if you're lucky. (Sucks, but at least you know they care!) The bros at Snapchat, however, have lived a pretty blessed life.

Nitasha Tiku · 03/31/14 04:18PM

Snapchat investor Bill Gurley thinks anonymous apps like Secret and Whisper are just a fad, telling Business Insider: "I think it's going to be really hard to monetize."

Nitasha Tiku · 02/18/14 06:35PM

Snapchat is suddenly open to some adult supervision. The company lured Emily White from Instagram, then hired lobbyists after a careless privacy breach. Today, it poached Peter Magnusson, a former engineering director for Google. Judging by his snotty response to the Wall Street Journal, Magnusson will fit right in!