You Can Now Order a Knockoff Soylent Called "Schmoylent"

Kevin Montgomery · 11/14/14 03:25PM

Addicts will go to great lengths to get their fix. And shipping delays for the meal replacement Soylent have created a market of famished nu food fiends. One San Francisco startup has decided to fill the void with a knockoff powder they call "Schmoylent."

Soylent CEO Is Lifehacking Water By Pissing In the Sink

Kevin Montgomery · 10/27/14 04:26PM

Rob Rhinehart thinks he's hacked food. As the inventor of Soylent, he's managed to replace the inefficient process of chewing food. But his lifestyle is still full of luxuries like water. Now the monkish nu-food mogul is torturing his body to save some H2O.

New York Hipster Can't Find Anyone To Buy Her Unwanted Soylent

Nitasha Tiku · 10/17/14 02:30PM

Adrianne Jeffries had a simple dream: to "hack lunch" by ordering a week's supply of Soylent, the food of the future for people who have better things to do than eat. It took five months for her order to arrive and now Jeffries, managing editor for Motherboard, can't get rid of it.

Semen-Like Startup Snack Now Selling for $115 a Pouch

Sam Biddle · 05/12/14 03:59PM

If you want to buy three servings of a nutritional powder than can be combined with water to create a synthetic "meal" with the exact appearance and consistency of semen, you're going to pay a lot for the privilege. Soylent is really in demand.

Semen-Like Food Replacement Lands $1.5 Million Investment

Sam Biddle · 10/21/13 01:58PM

Soylent is a tough sell, as it's impossible to try it and not think about eating sperm. But it's a cult hit among a certain Silicon Valley subset, which swears it's actually a viable alternative to the venerable human pastime of chewing. It sounds (is?) crazy, but not too crazy to get a big new funding round.