Sam Biddle · 06/24/14 05:12PM

Is there a startup sadder than Path? No. The answer is no, because no other app sends out Baby, come back to me spam emails as desperate as this one. "A ghost town here," indeed.

Brit Morin, Spam Artist

Sam Biddle · 03/28/14 11:21AM

Futurist and Senior Vice President for Doily Engineering Brit Morin is resorting to a very unglamorous tactic to grow her company: sending out old fashioned spammy text messages. DI-Yuck!

Path Got Hacked and No One Cared

Sam Biddle · 01/15/14 05:53PM

How do you know your startup is bombing? It's so unpopular, even when users are getting unsolicited messages from robots saying "Make me cum now," there are so few of those users, it's like it didn't even happen.