Fuck Stanford

Sam Biddle · 07/16/14 02:03PM

America's prettiest sun-soaked research university has somehow managed to become the "Harvard of the West" without getting any of the loathing that befalls the "Harvard of the East." It's time we talk about Stanford as it is: a stuck-up temple to new plutocracy, cronyism, and greed.

Halftime Entertainment, The Silicon Valley Way

Sam Biddle · 01/01/14 07:40PM

Fresh off of being hacked, Snapchat's logo makes an appearance at the Rose Bowl, in honor of the university that birthed it. Technically, guys, it shouldn't have eyes or a mouth, which were removed due to the startup's ongoing legal battle.

Stanford Mole Blows Clinkle's $25 Million Secret

Sam Biddle · 09/30/13 01:48PM

Ask the brassy Stanford CS department about Clinkle, the student project that's taken $25 million in venture capital and produced nothing but a video, and they'll tell you they hate it. They hate it enough, apparently, to show the world what it looks like: