Startup Music Video Will Make You Glad You Stayed in School

Sam Biddle · 10/29/13 02:41PM

Parody routines like this are usually a bad idea outside of talent shows for kids, but what's the Valley life for if not perpetuating childhoods? Making money, of course—and what better source material than the anti-materialism anthem "Royals"?

Anti-Foreigner VC Also Supports Hiring Discrimination

Sam Biddle · 08/28/13 11:24AM

Paul Graham, the brains and investment personality cult leader behind Y Combinator, is very vocal about what he doesn't like. Foreign accents are a no-no—but as a buried blog post from 2005 shows, the great part about running a startup is that you can let your prejudices run wild.

There Are Officially Too Many Ideas

Sam Biddle · 08/27/13 10:49AM

You can assume any given startup has a very good chance of dying. Maybe it's a bad idea—maybe it's a good idea with too much competition. But that doesn't stop everyone from trying, and trying, and now there are so many surplus startup ideas, there's a website dedicating to selling them at liquidation prices.

There Are Over 50 Instagram Ripoffs: The Stupid Startup Clone War

Sam Biddle · 06/19/13 03:58PM

One of life's grand injustices is that it's very hard to come up with an idea that's both original and good. Even harder to make money from it! But that's not stopping anyone from trying to cash in with a half-baked version of someone else's startup. Uber for nose jobs. Pandora for plants. Silicon Valley has a serious imagination problem.

There's a Startup to Help People Make Startups

Sam Biddle · 06/10/13 12:01PM

OK, now we're really heading past the Rubicon: a little app by the name of Elevatr has one task: help you crank out startup ideas as easily and quickly as possible. Because nothing says stable economic sector like a constant stream of easy business ideas.

The Tragic, Crazed Emails of a Startup Cheerleader

Sam Biddle · 05/13/13 04:29PM

You don't know Roger Dickey's name, but you know his creation: Mafia Wars, that incredibly popular, spammy hybrid of virus and videogame once played by millions, that polluted your Facebook feed some years back. Now, he's got a new project on the way—a vague "dating coach" service—and it's already annoying people: its own employees.

There Are Too Many Companies Doing the Exact Same Thing

Sam Biddle · 05/08/13 07:17PM

Infographics are one of the worst things about having eyes, and like photos of venereal diseases, I will try to avoid posting them here whenever possible. This slide, however, from some hellish marketing presentation, does a good job making a nightmarish point: we've got a major startup surplus.

Fred Wilson Says He Prefers to Invest in Startups that Sound Stupid

Sam Biddle · 04/26/13 03:46PM

Union Square Ventures chief Fred Wilson has some big notches on his bedpost: Tumblr, Twitter, and Zynga (cough). But if you look at USV's portfolio page, you'll see a lot of chaff. Bad ideas that will probably go nowhere. This is the case with most VC firms. But unlike most investors, Wilson actually tries to chase down laughable ideas. Suddenly it all makes sense.