Apple Keeps Steve Jobs' Empty Office Untouched

Sam Biddle · 09/17/14 12:10PM

Like an emotionally abusive high school coach still haunting your anxiety dreams, the specter of Steve Jobs looms over the Apple of today. Maybe preserving his office three years after his death is making that worse.

Is Steve Jobs Alive in Brazil? (Updated: No)

Sam Biddle · 08/07/14 07:50AM

Computer executive Steve Jobs reportedly passed away in 2011 after a long battle with cancer and Google's Android operating system. How, then, did this trustworthy guy from Reddit just take a selfie with Steve Jobs?

Sam Biddle · 03/18/14 01:53PM

Steve Jobs is dead, but his haute design super-yacht will prowl the seas forever—right now it's off Cabo San Lucas. [Photo via Instagram]

Nitasha Tiku · 02/28/14 10:45AM

The Serbia news site Netokracija says this the statue that Apple picked from 10,000 other entries to memorialize Steve Jobs. It's either that or a mystical key that unlocks the Google barges (via Business Insider).

Steve Jobs' Ex: "Our lovemaking had been sublime"

Sam Biddle · 10/15/13 10:04AM

Chrisann Brennan became involved with Apple's founding tyrant when the company and he were both very young—they went on to have a daughter, who he abandoned for a large part of her childhood. But at least, according to a new tell-all, "Steve and I still shared nights of lovemaking so profound that...fifteen years later, he called me out of the blue to thank me for them."