Now There's Surge Pricing For Food

Kevin Montgomery · 10/01/14 01:05PM

Surge pricing is Silicon Valley's most insidious trend. Popularized by Uber—a company synonymous with fucking people over—surge pricing allows companies to randomly jack up prices whenever demand is running a little high, reaping profits for startups while customers on a budget are left behind. And now techies have brought the brutal manifestation of supply and demand economics to food.

$470 Uber Ride Cost More Than a Ticket to a Three-Day Music Festival

Kevin Montgomery · 08/11/14 12:40PM

For the 200,000 attendees of San Francisco's Outside Lands Music Festival this past weekend, where a three-day pass cost $275, Uber's hated "surge pricing" scheme made sure that exhausted revelers ponied up hundreds of dollars to get a few miles across town.