The Mystery Is Over, and It's Very Stupid

Kevin Montgomery · 09/23/14 01:45PM

Almost exactly a year ago, TechCrunch started building anticipation over, a website that teased some upcoming startup, but revealed nothing. Today the mystery ends, and boy is it dumb: an app called "Selfie."

Kevin Rose Is Competing With His Own Investment

Nitasha Tiku · 09/19/14 03:35PM

On September 4th, Kevin Rose, the Digg founder turned partner at Google Ventures, sent out a series of texts to the folks who were beta testing his new photo-sharing app, Tiiny. People were curious about the similarities between Tiiny and another photo-sharing app, Cap, made by Rose's protege Danny Trinh.

TechCrunch's Revolving Door Keeps Spinning

Sam Biddle · 08/25/14 12:25PM

TechCrunch contributor Billy Gallagher is the latest writer for the site to make the jump into venture capital. Only this time, Gallagher is going to continue writing for the site, despite a conflict of interest so large it can be viewed from space.

Even Tech Bloggers Hate Themselves

Nitasha Tiku · 07/15/14 01:40PM

This week, New York magazine profiles Re/code's Kara Swisher—attempting to parse how a rabid reporter who knows so many of Silicon Valley's secrets still enjoys the adoration of its executives. The feature also touches on the "clusterfuck" that is contemporary tech journalism.

Why Does TechCrunch Let Its Reporters Work for Startups?

Sam Biddle · 05/14/14 11:47AM

Expecting ethical behavior from TechCrunch is like expecting your adopted chimpanzee to not eat your face—unfair to you, unfair to the chimp. Yet, impressively, even after years of sleaze, the Silicon Valley blog of record is still finding new ways to create conflicts of interest.

The Lost Children of TechCrunch Disrupt

Sam Biddle · 05/10/14 05:09PM

The biannual TechCrunch Disrupt conference series is only about money. There are interviews, the exchange of opinions, software presentations, questions, answers, and lots of visuals. But the entire production is a pyramid of money, at the bottom of which are the residents of Disrupt's "Startup Alley," a completely perfect metaphor.

TechCrunch Speaker Combines Every Possible Startup Cliche

Sam Biddle · 05/06/14 11:51AM

Shingy may have met his match: Justin Rosenstein looks like your typical geek gentry, but underneath the milquetoast-chic demeanor, he's bubble buzzword demon. Watch as he channels every obnoxious Silicon Valley delusion, all at once.

Is This the Worst Tech Idea of 2014?

Sam Biddle · 05/02/14 12:55PM

If you can't birth a genuinely good idea, there's a mounting body of evidence saying you should try the most deliberately stupid idea possible. How about a storage unit company that's calling itself a technology startup?

Sam Biddle · 02/19/14 03:16PM

Want to be a tailor, but also want $6.5 million in venture capital funding for no reason? Get TechCrunch to call you a "Made-To-Measure Men's Apparel Startup"—no one will ever know the difference!

Co-Chief Eric Eldon Leaving TechCrunch

Sam Biddle · 01/09/14 04:54PM

One half of the heavyweight duo operating Silicon Valley's industry blog of record is making his exit. After a little over two years at the helm alongside Alexia Tsotsis, TechCrunch co-editor Eric Eldon will soon depart the site. He planned to make the news official next week.