The Year in Completely Incoherent TechCrunch Headlines

Sam Biddle · 12/26/13 11:24AM

It's been a banner year for Silicon Valley's blog of record—investor cash is flowing, and incomprehensible gibberish companies are flourishing. As are incomprehensible gibberish articles about them.

Mike Arrington Blasts TechCrunch

Sam Biddle · 10/29/13 11:34AM

TechCrunch is wrapping up another Disrupt conference (this time in Berlin), and the man who started it all has some very public, very not-nice things to say about the website he created.

Michael Arrington: A Crooked Judge Since 2011

Sam Biddle · 09/13/13 02:15PM

In 2011, TechCrunch founder Mike Arrington was fired from his own website for reasons including flagrant conflicts of interest over his newly hatched VC firm, CrunchFund. But he never really left. For every year since his firing, Arrington's used the TechCrunch Disrupt conference to help his wallet.

Michael Arrington Gives Himself an Award

Sam Biddle · 09/12/13 08:56AM

Conflict of Interest 3.0: the winner of TechCrunch's vaunted Disrupt Battlefield startup competition is financially backed by TechCrunch's pugnacious founder, Michael Arrington—it is a matter of pure coincidence that Arrington judged the competition. How much longer are we going to take this seriously?

TechCrunch Now Writing Imaginary Press Releases

Sam Biddle · 08/26/13 10:19AM

The team at AOL's intrepid startup newsroom never shies away from thinly rewritten press releases—don't mess with a good formula. But today, TechCrunch reaches new heights/depths in the art: the press release as corporate fan fiction, imagining a cool new world in which Google replaces humans.

Startups Are Just Lying About Spam Now

Sam Biddle · 07/25/13 11:59AM

Every app wants to be like Snapchat: it came out of nowhere, without much planning, and now devours attention spans across North America. It's also worth $800 million, mostly through word of mouth. Most companies can't copy this, but they'll sure lie about it.

Google's MG Siegler: Apple Is "Boring"

Sam Biddle · 06/03/13 10:47AM

This is why stuff like this matters: less than a month after investor MG Siegler announced his move to Google, he's written a TechCrunch column pillorying Apple for looking dull. There's no mention—by Siegler or TechCrunch—of the fact that he works for Apple's rival.

Update: Michael Arrington Showed Up at TechCrunch Disrupt After All

Sam Biddle · 04/30/13 10:57AM

Last week, we reported that TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington would skip his Disrupt conference for the first time ever. We were wrong: Yesterday, he showed up on stage. It seems that whatever hiccups were getting in the way of his making an appearance have been resolved. One of those hiccups: Our own Adrian Chen.