AOL CEO Tim Armstrong Resists Demonizing Sick Woman

Sam Biddle · 08/07/14 11:14AM

Yesterday's earnings call with shareholders and reporters revealed two AOL bombshells: not only does AOL still exist, but it appears its bullying chief executive is no longer blaming the company's struggles on infirm female employees.

Tim Armstrong's Salary, in Distressed Babies

Sam Biddle · 02/06/14 05:46PM

Apparently money is tight at AOL, as emergency medical expenses for two complicated pregnancies are enough to justify a 401k downgrade for the whole corporation. But Tim: what about all the money you make?

AOL CEO Apologizes for Public Shame-Firing

Sam Biddle · 08/13/13 03:54PM

It turns out, even Tim Armstrong finds Tim Armstrong obnoxious—the troubled chief of AOL just sent an apology email to his company for firing a subordinate on a conference call.

Listen to AOL's CEO Fire an Employee Before 1,000 Coworkers: "OUT!"

Sam Biddle · 08/11/13 12:59AM

With a thousand nervous staffers and executives on the line, AOL's CEO Tim Armstrong announced a bloody swath of new layoffs via conference call. He also, a sort of Shakespearean firing-within-a-firing, axed a creative director on the spot for allegedly taking a picture. Here's the audio.