Uber CEO Posts 13-Tweet Apology Without Answering a Single Question

Nitasha Tiku · 11/18/14 04:15PM

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick just responded to privacy and ethics concerns about Emil Michael, after the top executive publicly suggested paying $1 million to smear journalists who have criticized the multi-billion corporation. Kalanick's medium of choice was Twitter and his method was a "tweetstorm," a series of thoughts that give the illusion of substance and circumspection because they are presented in a numerical order.

Mike Arrington and Peter Thiel Fought Over Uber Like Boys With Toys

Nitasha Tiku · 09/08/14 06:50PM

It's not easy being Michael Arrington. To kickoff TechCrunch Disrupt SF this morning, the Uber investor directed a fierce and poignant native ad for his CrunchFund investment Uber—right there on stage, in real-time. With Uber CEO Travis Kalanick by his side, it was a veritable duet of damage control! But then Lyft investor Peter Thiel had to spoil the cozy fireside mood by acting just like Arrington.

Republicans Want to Win Over Millennials By Shilling For Uber

Kevin Montgomery · 08/06/14 01:00PM

Republicans have long struggled to capture the hearts of millennials. It's never helped that the emerging crop of young voters are fundamentally opposed to the GOP's archaic social policies and general inclination toward stupidity. But the party of Big Business thinks it has found a wedge issue in Silicon Valley that can seduce skeptical kids: backing anti-regulation startups like Uber.

Nitasha Tiku · 07/24/14 02:07PM

Re/code reports that Facebook and Uber have discussed integrating the car service into Facebook's Messenger app. Uber was synergized into Google Maps in May. Google Maps is currently no. 14 among free apps in the Apple store. Messenger is no.3.

Sam Biddle · 05/28/14 03:02PM

$10 Billion Is the New $1 Billion

Nitasha Tiku · 05/16/14 11:00AM

Remember The Unicorn Club of startups that secured an esteemed $1 billion valuation? Might as well be The Garbage Club now, full of trifling companies with worth the kind of coin one chucks out the window from the backseat of an Uber. Why, in the past 24 hours alone, Pinterest and Uber reportedly increased their valuations by a collective $8.7 billion.

Uber CEO Continues Condescending Asshole Routine

Sam Biddle · 12/24/13 12:40PM

There's nothing wrong with having contempt for your customers—maybe your customers really are stupid. But if you're the CEO of a prominent company in the midst of popular backlash, hoping to IPO someday, don't make your contempt obvious on Twitter.

You Shouldn't Want To Live in Uber's Lazy Utopia

Sam Biddle · 12/11/13 02:00PM

When children are about old enough to stop vomiting on themselves, we teach them that instant gratification is bad—one of the simpler vices. But if Uber has its way and explodes into the big fat company of its own pipe dreams, it will make it OK for us to demand anything we want, whenever we want it.