Rumor: Some Bad Shit Is Going Down At Tumblr

Dan Lyons · 01/23/15 04:44PM

Do you work in sales at Tumblr? Have you noticed a disturbance in the force? We're hearing that bad shit went down at Tumblr this week, and while it is not going to be announced until next week, for now everyone at Tumblr is drinking heavily.

Nitasha Tiku · 10/21/14 06:15PM

Marissa Mayer addressed her haters during Yahoo's earnings call. Tumblr, she claimed, will generate $100 million in revenue in 2015. As for profitability, Mayer said Tumblr will reach "positive Ebitda," which doesn't seem like enough return to shut down activist investors.

Your Instagram Selfies Are Being Scraped and Sold to Brands

Kevin Montgomery · 10/10/14 12:45PM

It was bad enough that companies like Facebook and Google relentlessly mine your information and sell it to advertisers. But now third-party startups are getting into the mix. Thanks to unprecedented access to photos uploaded to apps like Instagram, these third-parties are scanning and storing people's photos on behalf of major advertisers.

Marissa Mayer Slept Through a Business Dinner

Sam Biddle · 06/23/14 03:06PM

Nobody really enjoys using most of the Yahoo! branded apps or websites, so the company's future rests largely on the money it can make from advertising. For this reason and perhaps others, it's not a good sign that Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer showed up hours late to a client dinner because she was asleep.

Sam Biddle · 06/10/14 03:31PM

Yahoo! exec David Karp and the President of the United States are currently running a Q&A session about issues that affect American youths—because, like everyone always said, Tumblr is where the teens are. And hey, they both love drones.

Tumblr Is Hiding Its Traffic Numbers

Sam Biddle · 12/23/13 04:54PM

Since Yahoo! decided to buy itself many million cool, popular teens, we've been wondering just how much the billion dollar purchase is working out. Are they clicking ads? And more importantly, just how popular did Tumblr make its historically square parent company? It was murky before, and now they're making it even more opaque.

Nitasha Tiku · 12/20/13 03:25PM

Rich Kids of Instagram is being turned into a novel. Coming to an Urban Outfitters discount table near you next summer.

Tumblr Tried to Fire David Karp

Sam Biddle · 10/11/13 11:30AM

Nick Bilton presents more evidence of near-implosion at the International House of GIFs: "At Tumblr, the venture capitalists grew so impatient with its founder, David Karp, as he struggled to make the company profitable, they were discussing his removal before the site’s sale to Yahoo."

Another Major Tumblr Employee Quits

Sam Biddle · 10/07/13 10:18AM

Editorial Director Christopher Price, who joined Tumblr a week after it launched and has been part of its inner circle ever since, is jumping ship.

Tumblr Bug Puts NSFW Peepees and Veevees All Over the Place

Sam Biddle · 08/21/13 12:35PM

Tumblr says it wasn't hacked, but it looked that way to a hell of a lot of its users: for a harrowing fifteen minutes, images of sexual intercourse, Satanism, and other horrors permeated the Tumblrverse without apparent cause. The kids are not alright.

The Tumblr Advertising Explosion Is Here

Sam Biddle · 08/07/13 12:58PM

The story of Tumblr in the arms of Yahoo! has been one of compromise, of spirit in decline. David Karp wanted his blogchild to be a bastion of free expression and porn. But in the months since he sold out, advertisers are steadily colonizing Tumblr. Are you excited for Bisquick GIFs?