Tumblr Is Pushing Porn Into an Internet Sex Ghetto

Sam Biddle · 07/17/13 02:14PM

Since Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer began circling around Tumblr's billion dollar GIF vortex, we wondered what it'd do with the nasty stuff: the dog sex, the rape porn. Or even the more mild takes on fucking. Now we're starting to see: porn gets put where no one can find it.

Tumblr: Oops, We Might Have Blown Your Password

Sam Biddle · 07/17/13 11:03AM

If you use an iPhone or iPad to cruise Tumblr, change your login ASAP: the company just admitted a serious flaw in its iOS apps makes it easy for someone to steal your password out of thin air.

Anonymous Tumblr Chronicles Life After the VC Rocket Crashes

Nitasha Tiku · 06/25/13 12:52PM

Earlier today an anonymous founder created a Tumblr called My Startup Has 30 Days to Live, chronicling the advice from investors that left him unable to make payroll. How does a once profitable and bootstrapped company morph into the startup walking dead? By following the contemporary formula for startup riches: boosterish article in the tech press, join a top accelerator, give good deck on Demo Day, cash the VCs checks, crush it . . . you're the next Dropbox.

Nitasha Tiku · 06/19/13 04:49PM

Further proof from Jakob Lodwick that you don't necessarily have to have a good idea to make money in tech. Two of the fameballer's investments have been acquired this year: Tumblr and now MakerBot, where, until recently, he described himself on his blog as a "founding investor." Depending on how many shares he held, it should be enough to keep Elepath's ball pool filled.

Tumblr's Media Director Quits

Sam Biddle · 06/18/13 11:14AM

Tumblr brought Mark Coatney aboard from Newsweek to bolster the site's editorial side—"to show how [Tumblr] can be key to connecting journalists and readers." Three years (and a Yahoo acquisition) later, and another early employee is gone. That's two in only a few weeks.

Tumblr's Creative Director Quits

Sam Biddle · 05/31/13 01:04PM

Jacob Bijani joined Tumblr as one of its original, most formative employees (and its first designer/product engineer) back in 2008—when a $1.1 billion Yahoo buyout was unfathomable. Now he's leaving.

Tumblr's David Karp Describes His "Incredibly Enabling Parents"

Sam Biddle · 05/30/13 03:30PM

After high school dropout David Karp turned Tumblr into a $250 million payout from Yahoo, lots of parents around the world are probably looking to duplicate the recipe. Here's part of it: let your kid have and do whatever they want.

Tumblr Adds More Ads

Sam Biddle · 05/30/13 12:34PM

Starting today, you'll see things like promotional GIFs for Denny's in your web Tumblr feed (just like you had before via mobile), according to the company's staff blog. "These posts will simply blend in with the posts from the blogs you follow," says Tumblr, except that advert posts will be stamped with a dollar sign with lines shooting out of it.

Nitasha Tiku · 05/29/13 04:16PM

There are first world problems and then there's the troubling "rich-person management gap" currently harshing one newly-minted tech millionaire's mellow. Break out the Stradivarius of tiny violins.

Tumblr Has No Idea How to Handle Porn

Sam Biddle · 05/22/13 12:44PM

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is plowing through a media tour with her newly adopted internet son David Karp. On everyone's mind is how Tumblr will reconcile its vast collection of rape porn GIFs with tween-friendly advertising—and the duo doesn't have much of an answer.

Tumblr Is Keeping the Porn

Sam Biddle · 05/20/13 05:08PM

If you enjoy Tumblr's extensive selection of rape fantasy, underage girls, and women having sex with a variety of fauna, good news: Marissa Mayer just said she's keeping Tumblr NSFW.