Women In VC: Still No Progress

Dan Lyons · 01/30/15 09:49AM

A year ago, Fortune did a survey of VC (venture capital) firms to find out how many "decision makers" were female, and the number was tiny — a mere 4.2 percent. But one year later, things must be better, right? Nope. This year's study shows things are almost exactly the same.

Women Won't Name Harassing Venture Capitalists, Even Anonymously

Nitasha Tiku · 08/08/14 03:30PM

In the past couple weeks both Forbes and Wired have published first-hand accounts of the perils of "fundraising while female." The anecdotes about harassment, discrimination, and the hassle of disproving an investor's assumptions about gender are familiar. But you won't find the name of single male venture capitalist who made these women feel compromised, harassed, belittled, or duped.

Nitasha Tiku · 04/07/14 01:00PM

Silicon Valley is just like the Ivy League, argues venture capitalist Rachel Chalmers. In both places, lucky is a dirty word: "The game is rigged. The pathology of Silicon Valley is that the winners have so much ego invested in pretending that it isn't."

Nitasha Tiku · 03/11/14 03:55PM

The revolving door from public service to finance usually only benefits the person who walked through it, so this is a welcome change. Former NAACP president Benjamin Jealous is joining Kapor Partners to find and fund startups led by minority entrepreneurs, creating "a freeway" between tech and "poor communities of color."

Nitasha Tiku · 01/24/14 10:20AM

Did you know that venture capitalists were not born infant investors with silver term sheets in their mouths? Some had to struggle through the rigors of a "regular jobs" first. This "beautiful, life-affirming" revelation brought to you by TechCrunch.

Bonobos CEO: You VCs Are All Idiots

Sam Biddle · 05/28/13 10:01AM

You probably recognize Bonobos, wildly successful purveyor of pants and other stuff (I think?), as that company that's always on your goddamn Facebook news feed, no matter how many times you click hide. But here's one reason to dig it: the CEO is a no-bullshit sage.