Any working parent will tell you that finding decent child care is a nightmare. But one tech company seems to have come up with a cool idea: Just have the CEO's admin double as a nanny! A friendly tipster (and, I guess, job seeker) sent me a link to this incredible job opportunity posted by Skymosity in San Rafael, Calif. The company is looking for someone who will be an executive assistant three days a week and on the other two days work as a nanny for the CEO's "adorable" 9-month-old kid.

Strictly speaking, Skymosity is not just looking for an executive assistant, but for an "executive assistant superstar" (see below). The description for the superstar part of the job mentions things like "inbox management" and "some errands." Indeed! How superstar is that? Can you pick up dry cleaning but do it in a superstar way? Like, carry the shirts the way a superstar like Beyonce or Taylor Swift would carry them? You'll also need a "sense of humor with a glass is half full attitude." No kidding you will, considering that two days a week you'll be changing diapers, while on the other days you'll be a superstar.

You'll be working for Skymosity's CEO, Forest Bronzan (photo above) who looks like an awesome dude and a superstar himself. Here's a screengrab:

Skymosity is in the business of "weather-based marketing," which I do believe is not a fancy term for those planes that write words in the sky with smoke but rather something involving blasting email at people, which is almost as effective as skywriting.

According to the job posting, "We bring on folks who have a sense of humor, work hard, play hard, want to learn and grow, and want be a part of a fast growing team." And, of course, take care of our babies.

I've written to Skymosity and left messages, to see if this ad is a hoax or if it's for real, and if it's for real, how much it pays. (Asking for a friend.) Will update if I hear back.

UPDATE: A commenter points out that the job posting has been updated to remove the nanny part of the job — as well as the superstar part. Which is good news, because now mere mortals can apply!

Andrew Christison, director of business development at Skymosity, says via email, "The job post mentioned wasn't intended to be published, but it looks like it was accidentally pushed live on Indeed. We have since corrected it to reflect the actual post."

Here's the new posting. And here's a screen grab: