TechCrunch contributor Billy Gallagher is the latest writer for the site to make the jump into venture capital. Only this time, Gallagher is going to continue writing for the site, despite a conflict of interest so large it can be viewed from space.

The news comes in an unrelated post by Gallagher, tucked away at the very end:

Disclosure: I have accepted a role at Khosla Ventures beginning in September. Since accepting this job, I am not covering any of the firm's portfolio companies

Of course, this doesn't cover the implicit biases Gallagher will face when writing about, say, competitors of the firm's portfolio companies.

There seems to be no editorial action so dubious that can't just be disclosed away—like how Gallagher was fraternity brothers with Snapchat's founders, who he covered at length. Uncle Arrington must be so proud.