In the warm afterglow of a $3.2 billion acquisition, a sated executive can find himself muttering the professional version of pillow talk. That's what Nest CEO Tony Fadell sounded like on stage this morning at the DLD conference in Munich.

After hearing that Google the Conglomerate was literally moving into your living room through Nest's smoke alarms, users understandably expressed privacy concerns. In response, Fadell pledged his own version of don't be evil:

"At this point, there are no changes," Fadell explained. "The data that we collect is all about our products and improving them." [...]

"If there were ever any changes whatsoever, we would be sure to be transparent about it, number one, and number two for you to opt-in to it," Nest's founder and CEO said on stage today.

How long before this promise of opt-in total transparency is thrown back in Fadell's face?

But the CEO wasn't just rosy-eyed about privacy. Fadell also offered a dreamy description of his interactions with Larry Page and other Google executives:

"All I can say is we were finishing each other's sentences and the visions that we had were just so large and so great, and they weren't scared by them. We were both getting exhilarated by what could change and how things could change, and that we could have the ability to change those things together."

Ain't M&A grand?

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