James Hamblin is a medical doctor who gave up doctoring to run a health channel for The Atlantic. Hamblin also studied improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade, and like every other twat who ever took a class at UCB, he thinks he's hilarious and should totally be on TV.

In the video below, Hamblin interviews Andrew Conrad, who runs a Life Sciences program at Google and is trying to do things like cure cancer. Conrad has a Ph.D. in cell biology and in 1991 co-founded the National Genetics Institute. He's really smart!

But now Conrad has to talk to some idiot reporter for some idiotic video and the dickhead reporter keeps trying to be funny. Conrad seems to think that this whole thing is a waste of his time — which it is! — and wishes he did not have to spend even one more second in the presence of this smug, unfunny queef. Worse yet, the video is sponsored by Aetna. So basically, this is an ad.

In between Hamblin's lame banter there is some cool stuff about Google trying to spot cancer cells with nanoparticles.