Tomorrow night marks the premiere of Winklevoss Radio, a new "an hour-long, limited-run" show on Sirius XM. Most of us only know Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss as Greenwich Ken dolls with opposable thumbs *litigation comes separately. So it will be great to introduce the element of sound at no additional cost.

What kind of dulcet tones will emerge from the Castor and Pollux of Bitcoin? A mellifluous baritone? Perhaps a grand honking like the geese who once followed their athletic exploits down the Charles River.

The angel investors and cryptocurrency delusionists, who are currently trying to list a publicly traded Bitcoin fund on the NASDAQ, promised a variety of high-profile guests:

We will be hosting guests that include Sir Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group; Mike Judge, creator of the HBO series Silicon Valley; Justin Mateen, Co-Founder and CMO of Tinder; Naval Ravikant, Founder of AngelList; Joe Lonsdale, Managing Partner of Formation 8; and Tim Harris, veteran Silicon Valley startup lawyer and partner at Morrison & Foerster LLP.

In a blog post, Cameron says his inspiration was beloved American shock jock Howard Stern:

I first became a Sirius XM listener in 2010 for the same reason you did: Howard Stern. Once I subscribed, however, I was exposed to a world of long-form interviews and in-depth conversations that simply did not exist elsewhere. The stories behind some of the great thought-leaders, companies and innovators of our time are not to be rushed. I hope you agree and join us as both listeners and callers on this new adventure.

Hopefully Stern's influence will result in a detailed account of what goes down in Branson's Necker Island hot tub.

My only word of advice to the budding Kings of All Media would be to diversify the brand a little. They already have Winklevoss Capital, Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust, and the Winkdex. Why not add a little playfulness to the mix with Tyler and Cammie's Settlement Hour or Zuck Sucks with Crazy Olympiad and the Douche?

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