Airbnb is the best friend of Hurricane Sandy victims, single mom entrepreneurs trying to make ends meet, and, of course, high-class Manhattan slum lords who reserve the right to search your bags while you sleep.

A Valleywag reader brought this interesting pied-à-terre-au-hell at 215 E. 27th street to our attention after a friend from out of town signed up via Airbnb:

Our friend is in town staying in an AirBNB with 22 bunk beds spread across a 2 bedroom. 8 mens in 1 room, 8 mens in another and 6 in the hallways. $35/night and so at full capacity they could clear $250k/year.

Gothamist found this video tour of the property, which is a strange mix of midtown luxury condo and horrible Slovakian hostel:

That's two bathrooms for 22 humans. But hey, look at that "outdoor area" where you may or may not be able to smoke.

Even if you put aside the horribly cramped quarters and dubious legality of this arrangement, it's hard to look past the draconian renter rules. Here's a copy of the contract that all Airbnb users were made to sign before laying down their heads among 21 other heads:

BYO sheets and pillows!

Minimum 30 day visit!

"If there's suspicion you're in possession of anything illegal, your belongings can be searched by a Manager at any time"!

The listing has been taken down by the owner, "E. David," but you can still view the Google cache. From one New Yorker to another, E. David, thank you for bringing the Sharing Economy to our town. The sharing-two-bathrooms-with-twenty-one-strangers-under-fascist-rules economy.

Update: Airbnb just wrote me to say "this host has been permanently banned from Airbnb and we're constantly working to ensure all our guests have a high-quality experience."

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