If you make a public company that bombs so hard you're tossed out, like former Groupon CEO Andrew Mason, you can always pivot into making a soft rock album called Hardly Workin'. Oh, Andrew. Andrew.

He might sound like someone you'd get to perform at a bar mitzvah, but you know what? It's admirable to have a sense of humor about yourself, even if it's quasi-insane. Or maybe he's taking this seriously—in which case, good for him. Better to move from business failure to humdrum music than to just more humdrum business. Let the man enjoy himself. Let's all click his songs at least once today. Ten dollars off any hummus plate of 30 dollars or more.

♫ If you're seeking business wisdom, you don't need no MBA, look no further than the beauty, that surrounds us every day...vivid life experience, give you what you need ♫