The last time we asked Tinder about its apparent brand-synergy-third-base-score with FOX, it clammed up. Now it's pretty obvious: Tinder users are being matched up with characters from "The Mindy Project," which means the speed dating app is the newest conquest of noxious native advertising.

We've received multiple reader reports on the handjob-centric app's media tie-in, including one who detailed his lusty encounter with a semi-fictional television persona, while browsing IAC's darling love software:

The app displayed her as "1 mile away, active 1 hour ago". When I swiped right, we matched instantly, meaning that she - or more likely, her social campaign manager, or a script run by them - had already swiped right on me. I then got a message (attached) in my inbox. The screencaps of her profile are from right after that. Looks like she's moving faster than Santa Claus (300+ MPH); the distance probably puts her Tinder's location in LA.

(Here's hoping you have a spokesperson contact at IAC/Match/Tinder other than Justine Sacco!)

We do, but are still waiting to hear back from Tinder on what exactly is going on here with Mindy, and apparently other characters from the show:

Is there any way to opt out of seeing fake people in your Tinder feed? Will there be more of them? Is there any way for Tinder to make money that doesn't involve getting auto-spammed links to promotional YouTube videos for "The Mindy Project" or any other middling sitcoms? Are these characters potentially down for casual Tinder sex?

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