If money is the root of all evil, inflated venture-backed paper valuation is probably the root of acting like a Silicon Valley dick: friends say Snapchat's David Kravitz, part of the startup's inner circle, needs to do a social media disappearing act.

Kravitz, of Stanford's 2012 class, was one of the very first people CEO Evan Spiegel hired to help build Snapchat after he'd pushed out Reggie Brown. And though his app is ephemeral, his reputation is not: "Complete douchebag," writes one of Kravitz's former classmates. It looks like venture capital fame hasn't done much to change that, according to a recent Facebook status update:

To all the freshman girls who went through rush, but didn't get a bid or the bid you wanted: I didn't get into any sororities, and it was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I made so many great friends and became a part of some really wonderful communities. And I still got to spend plenty of time at sororities — all I had to do was sleep with a few girls in each one. I got to know some of them quite well, and I can assure you that they're really no different from any of the other girls I slept with.

Charming! His political view is listed as "Sex won't make him love you, and a baby won't make him stay," just so you're absolutely certain he is a cool L.A. dude associated with a massively overvalued startup—which friends say is part of the problem:

Now that he's richer than God (on paper), he's gone completely off the rails. His current facebook cover photo is a modified photograph of American soldiers storming the beaches on D-Day, with him laughing at them.

Fame, even of the most ephemeral and baseless kind, is not without its effects. Just imagine how these kids will turn out if they actually become billionaires—the most personable pals on Silicon Beach.