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Only three short, sweet years ago, David Karp was just another dreamy eyed dropout sitting atop a billion dollar idea. He wore a lot of plaid. He told the L.A. Times that the concept of advertising "really turns our stomachs." Today, he's on the beach, saying the best part of Vogue is the ads. David.

The seaside interview, with Karp looking like he had his outfit picked out for him by one very, very cool mom, is from last month's Cannes Lions advertising jamboree. Part of Tumblr's agenda at the Gallic get-together was to show that as part of its new corporate ownership, it's friendly to marketing. David Karp's stomach turned all the way back around again: ads can "make Tumblr better, that make for more great, fun stuff on Tumblr for people to enjoy." You can practically hear him strain his diaphragm to get the word "better" out, probably because he knows, like we know, that advertising has never once in the history of things made something better.

You can't imagine he ever wanted to be on that beach, saying those things. And for the record, Dave, I think a lot of people are happy to skip the ads in Vogue.