Yesterday, prominent Yahoo! employee David Karp told his team at Tumblr that Derek Gottfrid, an exalted VP, was just fired. Soon after, an early Tumblr backer and noted New York tech-loon shared his very, very frank thoughts.

Karp, with typical David-Karp-whole-grain-bread style, said only that "I've made the decision that it's time for Derek to move on from Tumblr." That's boring! What's not boring is Jakob "Jake" Lodwick, who angel invested in Tumblr far before dreams of a billion dollar buyout and is known for bouts of intense personal honesty that closely resemble breakdowns. Although he deleted the tweet shortly after posting it, we can only assume it's another such moment—I've heard nothing but people corroborating Lodwick's strong feelings on Gottfrid. Plus, it offers some insider color on why Gottfrid—who for a time was so central to Tumblr's functioning that he was known as its "shadow CEO"—got the boot.

Anonymous gossips on Secret are echoing the sentiment, with one (presumable) Tumblr employee saying "Pretty much everyone at HQ wanted to favorite that tweet, but felt it possibly in poor taste to do so." A source familiar with Tumblr's insides described Lodwick's tweet as "a misguided mix of the urge to defend his friends who had odds with Derek, and the comfortable, disdainful view of money of someone who got very rich, very young." This source added, "if Tumblr magically improves, Derek is the problem. If it doesn't, it will be obvious he wasn't. If you want my opinion, Tumblr is not going to magically improve."