It's July (almost August!), but a haunted house is never out of season: one third of the team at an L.A. digital ad company work—and sleep—in one abode. Without a salary. There is no Silicon Cult. There is no Silicon Cult.

The Wall Street Journal relays the story of a living situation that should probably be illegal but I'm not really sure what law it's breaking, other than Natural Law:

"We don't try to separate work life from our personal life," says Nanxi Liu, the 23-year-old co-founder and CEO of Enplug, which creates digital billboards, incorporating tweets and other social-media streams. "It's a little bit cultish," she says. "It is also extremely efficient."

Can you imagine Nanxi Liu not winking maniacally after saying that last part? I cannot. As Curbed points out, all this efficiency of living, sleeping, fucking, bathing, and coding together could be cramped: "The rental house has six bedrooms. And three bathrooms. Twelve people." Think about this the next time you wish you had a cooler office, because at least you don't stumble upon this when you show up in the morning:

It's past midnight, but many staffers at Enplug, an advertising-technology company, are milling about the office in their T-shirts and boxers, writing code and talking strategy. Others are already in bed, sound asleep.

According to Foursquare, the Enplug Suicide Cult is housed at 11650 Bellagio Road in Los Angeles, so if you're ever delivering a pizza and see that address, drop it and sprint in the other direction, lest you become part of the Late Nite Kitchen Strategy Team.