Twitter, a corporation with a market capitalization of $29 billion, has enjoyed some goodwill and good press this week because people successfully used the service to make the fatal shooting of Mike Brown an international issue.

Twitter created a graphic to demonstrate its strength as a tool for disseminating breaking news and social justice activism. The corporation's platform looked powerful, especially next to Facebook's rosy filter.

But the news spread because of the people who tweeted it, not because of anything Twitter did. It's not clear if the corporation understands that by the looks of what they "tagged" on their office wall.

Twitter took a while to release its diversity numbers and for an organization that takes pride in spreading information, it appeared to bury the news. According to its numbers, two percent of Twitter employees are black. #lovewhereyouwork.

Correction: An earlier version of this post mistook an electrical panel for a period. Valleywag regrets the error. Period.

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[Top image via @Elyssa; graph via CartoDB]