We are only a day or so away from New Year's Eve, the biggest Uber car fare backlash since the last Uber car fare backlash. Rather than listening to frustrated customers and, say, capping "surge pricing" at 6x or so, Uber's anti-regulation superhero CEO Travis Kalanick has some tips on when not to use Uber.

There's also this handy chart and a blog post:

Basically, Uber will be most expensive when people need it the most—that is, when they are shitfaced and require a safe trip back to their beds.

It's good that Uber is trying to inform potential riders about its pricing policies so they don't get a rude surprise in the form of a $350 ride home. But if these same pricing policies are so problematic that they require an instructional video on how to avoid them, maybe Uber should rethink some things for the new year.