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Have you ever put sliced cheese between bread, and exposed it to heat? Did you think this activity, on a larger scale, warranted a $10 million investment from a tech titan? Probably not, because it's sandwiches. But Michael Moritz of investing mammoth Sequoia Capital thinks otherwise. And here's why! Sort of.

The day a small company called "The Melt" received millions of dollars from one of the most prominent venture capital firms in the world, the term "startup" began to lose a lot of meaning.

The Melt sells grilled cheese sandwiches, at $5 a pop. That's the business. You can configure them in advance through your iPhone, if "bread and cheese" isn't your bag.

Why would the firm that backed Apple, Tumblr, and Instagram would get into the grilled cheese game, is mystifying. And Moritz's explanation before an audience at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference is equally mystifying. Basically, the guy who started The Melt was successful selling video cameras, ergo he'll be good at managing a chain of grilled cheese huts, ergo these grilled cheese huts deserve tech money. Ergo, I don't know anymore, I just don't. Do you think his explanation makes sense? Who likes grilled cheese? Comment below.