The tech industry will save the world because they know how to think differently—just not from each other. Path, the struggling sticker pack carrying case, is following the wisdom of the venture capital crowd and going ephemeral. At this point, if all the cool kids built a jumping off the bridge app, so would CEO Dave Morin.

There is an element of originality to the company's new strategy, argues Business Insider. While Tinder copied Snapchat Stories and Facebook tried (again) to kill Snapchat with Slingshot, Morin is doubling down on disappearing.

Still, Path's latest move is at least a little unique simply because it's not only for future messages, but past and present as well.

Every message ever sent on the app will be temporary, which means full mailboxes will become ticking clocks to be archived. Path's website suggests copy and pasting text messages into another app, or perhaps screenshotting them. While iOS and Android users can save pictures to their galleries, Path says there is no way to save your audio messages.

If you haven't logged into Path in awhile and there was that one private #PathOnly memory you wanted to save, it's too late. The change went into effect yesterday.

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