From deep within the Smithsonian's Fossilized Social Networks Wing, MySpace shouts to the world: We're here, and we have at least $20,000,000 to spend on this TV commercial. Look, Riff Raff and Pharrell are there, too.

The television campaign—which should be already airing—clearly emphasized MySpace as a music... thing. Which it always was, atop its social networking business. But aside from LOOK AT ALL THESE CELEBS AND SOME ART STUDENTS THROWING CONFETTI AT EACH OTHER, there's not much of a takeaway. Tweens have probably only heard of MySpace from their older siblings, and will maybe send a bemused Snapchat about the ad. The older siblings will laugh and look for a nostalgic Buzzfeed post about MySpace. Anyone older will be turned off entirely. Pharrell will cash his check. MySpace will continue to pay some of the best music writers in existence to do some very cool features that will sadly be wasted because they're on MySpace. The ad campaign will cease, and so will MySpace.

Musician Justin Timberlake isn't in the musical ad for the musical social network he's invested in.