The Daily Show is scheduled to air a segment on the plight of the glasshole tonight. It follows Sarah Slocum, who was allegedly assaulted in a San Francisco dive bar for recording patrons with Google Glass before going on a self-promotion tour that lasted most of the spring. Now we can watch the spotlight return to her computer-adorned face.

The Daily Show's Jason Jones interviewed glassheads for three-and-a-half hours in a San Francisco hotel, challenging them on Glass's usefulness and fashionability. According to Nick Starr, who participated in the interview, Jones found the iPhone to be superior. one point Jason and I did a speed test to see who could Google him first. Him with his iPhone and me with Google Glass. At this point, I totally spaced his name and said, "Ok Glass, Google John." He claims that he narrowly beat me, but also that, "He actually Googled the right person."

Joining Sarah on the Jason Jones-led segment will be an all-star cast of Glass's finest.

— Cecilia Abadie who received a traffic ticket for wearing Google Glass and on the flight to SF had United Airlines ask her to remove her Google Glass while onboard.

— Kyle Russell who had his Google Glass ripped off his face and smashed to the while covering a protest of a Google employee.

— Steven Mautone who is an author at LivingThruGlass.

— E John Feig who is a Glass Developer, App Designer, and gives speeches on Glass/Android development.

— Finally myself, Nick Starr. I've had a few incidents where my partner weren't allowed in or asked to leave establishments because of Google Glass, even if we had been there previously wearing Google Glass with no issue.

The Daily Show airs tonight at 11pm on Comedy Central.

[Photo via Nick Starr]