Much like the nimble startups we cover, Valleywag is open to iteration. While our inbox is a many splendored stream of tips and suggestions, we want to pose the question to the group: What would you like to read on Valleywag?

A tweetstorm weather report? A gallery of the Bond villains of net neutrality? More boom-time party dispatches? Apps one can actually root for? Are there companies and cofounders we've overlooked? Which female VC is going to usurp a16z's throne? Where has black hat growth hacking gone unpunished? Who's on your wish list for an in-depth Q&A? What dotcom skeletons need to come out of the closet?

Now that we've got boots (suede booties to be exact) on the ground in San Francisco, send us a drop pin to the intersection of power and delusion.

Go ahead. We know what you us told us over drinks last week. We've read your Kinja comments. You're not shy. Comment below or email

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