We're fascinated by Uber. It's a hugely successful service that's reshaping urban transportation. But it's also kind of a black box. With your help, we want to take a look inside.

Here's one way Uber is changing its industry: At the end of every Uber ride, the passenger is asked to rate the driver on a scale of one to five stars. Many passengers don't realize that the reverse is also true: Drivers are asked to rate their passengers, and can see passenger ratings from the app as they drive looking for fares. This system has the potential to upend longstanding problems— specifically, hacks' well-documented refusal to pick up black passengers.

But without more information, it's hard to tell what's happening, or how. Comparing passenger ratings against race and city would give us a much clearer sense of the extent to which Uber is genuinely "disrupting" the taxi industry. And that's only one particular question we could answer with more data.

That's where you come in. We want to get a better sense of who uses Uber, how, and why. We've come up with a quick anonymous survey that asks for just a few things, like age, gender, and race, and your Uber score. Won't you please help? And tell your friends? It takes about a minute to do the survey, and if this crowd-sourcing thing works out we might be able to paint the first really good picture of Uber's customer base. Just click here.

First, get your rating. It's easy to find out what Uber drivers think of you. Visit this link to contact Uber's support team; send them your email and a polite request for your score.

Next, fill out our anonymous survey below.

Finally, tell your friends.