Zynga, cruising on the highway to BrokeVille, is banking on its newest ripoff of Pictionary to be as wildly popular as the first one. Banking so heavily, in fact, that the company is just shamelessly getting famous people to feign interest on Twitter. Ryan Seacrest: diehard iPhone artist.

What's even funnier (read: sad) is the pics attached to the tweets, because, I'm sorry Ryan, there's no way you drew that.

Or that.

I'm looking at you too, Elizabeth Banks.

Not buying it.


Carly this was clearly done by the same Zynga employee that drew Seacrest's, come on.

Oh no Rob Corddry, not you too.

The Black Eyed Peas shilling isn't so much of a surprise, but that sketch could use some work.

Allllright, that's quite enough. They're not even doing a good job of faking it—most of these tweets went up within hours of each other, if not at the exact same time. But at least we know that even after millions and millions of people flee Zynga's games, they'll still have a few users left: the ones they're paying.