When Path sprayed a cheap bottle of champagne in its own face over the weekend, touting a new, loathsome investor, it ended on a positive note. Not only is the superfluous social network staving off death a little longer, it's hiring! But will anyone fall for this dreck?

This is sort of a trick question, because if you're using something you found on Vimeo to make a major career decision, your life is probably already skidding towards catastrophe. But really, this is the pitch to join Path, to leave your current job and join Dave Morin on a downward slide—"We have this vast amount of connecting for the sake of connecting, but not connecting for the sake of meaning and developing depth in your relationships." Inspired yet?

The first part of the job interview is this: can you derive even a single coherent idea from this incoherent motion picture clusterfuck? You're hired.