Dave Morin, spammy app guy and interpreter of God's will, has finally realized virtual stickers aren't going to make Path profitable. His radical idea: ask people to pay for a yearly subscription to Facebook Lite.

Unfortunately for Path's investors, TechCrunch reports the notion of paying real money for a boutique social app is still largely tied to stickers:

With the latest version of the app — version 3.2 — Path is rolling out a new Premium tier for users who are crazy about stickers and filters and all the micro-transaction add-ons that Path has available. Path users who wish to upgrade to Premium can do so for $14.99 for a year on iOS or Android devices. Or they can upgrade for $4.99 for three months on iOS or $1.99 a month on Android.

Users will get access to all 30 sticker packs now, and Path continues to add more — approximately one new sticker pack per week. Premium users will also have early access to new sticker packs as they become available.

This guy and his stickers. It's going to take a whole lot of annual subscriptions for Path to even come close to backing up the big price tag venture capitalists have slapped on the software.