In a new series, CNN explores all the crazy drug use and sexy sex stuff taking place in Silicon Valley, where people like Greg and Stella, above, go to swingers parties and apparently convince other people to sleep with them, without drugging them or paying them. The series is called, "Sex, Drugs and Silicon Valley." My one-word review: Yuck.

You might think I'm being too harsh, but I urge you to watch the video about swinging in San Francisco, where in addition to Greg and Stella we meet this guy, Ben Fuller, who organizes partner-swap "Bronze Parties," and yeah, but no.

Seriously, San Francisco? These are your party people? This is is how you have fun? I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry. Nevertheless I highly recommend watching the swinger party video just to see the extremely uncomfortable expression on host Laurie Segall's face whenever Ben Fuller is talking.

All told there are six videos in the series. There's one about polyamory, featuring a woman techie who in addition to dating two guys and one woman is also engaged to a third guy, who is, in turn, dating three other women. Good luck with that!

There's an interview with a guy who dropped acid with Steve Jobs; a video about how people in the Valley today use LSD and other hallucinogenic drugs because they help you solve problems, which is totally true; and one about smart drugs, which supposedly improve your cognitive abilities, which sounds ridiculous.

Finally, there's the best one of all, where Mike Judge, creator of "Silicon Valley," talks about sad geeks who take drugs because they need "something to show they're not nerds."