Let's feel nostalgic for 45 seconds or so: Xanga, the LiveJournal/MySpace hybrid that once boasted 30 million active users but never quite managed to capture enough weepy teenage hearts, is on the brink of death and begging for money.

Unless the service—a relic of an older, poorly designed era of the web—raises $60,000 from its own scant users by July 15th, it'll shutter forever. It almost certainly won't. Instead, it'll drift into social web Hades, clasping hands with LiveJournal, Friendster, Mebo, MySpace, Orkut, GeoCities, Angelfire, and all the other social sites that coulda been pretenders in another life, in another world.

Or it'll just remain a parody punching bag. Farewell, Xanga—we'll always have 8th grade.