When Marissa Mayer isn't posing upside down in lawn chairs, Yahoo's chief executive is doing normal CEO stuff, like buying this miniature, $33,000 version of Palo Alto's Peninsula Creamery. To place in her backyard. For her infant son.

While chatting for her Vogue profile, the conversation shifted to the question of Why is there a small diner in your yard?

Mayer turns more gregarious as she explains the presence at one edge of the garden of a two-story, miniaturized model of Palo Alto’s Peninsula Creamery, a local diner where Stanford students go for milk shakes (the pineapple malts are Mayer’s favorite). She and her husband, Zachary Bogue, a venture capitalist who invests in start-ups focused on “big data,” bought the fifteen-foot, red-and-white playhouse at a benefit auction and had a forklift deposit it over their redwood fence the previous week.

Macallister [Mayer-Bogue, the baby] won’t be old enough to play in the structure for a while...

While Yahoo! struggles to recreate itself, aimlessly, out from the shadow of the 1990s, its glam CEO is forklifting mini-houses. How the other half of a percent lives! If Yahoo! can't figure out a way to make money from its scattershot buyouts, Mayer can at least rent out the playhouse to other affluent Silicon Valley babies.

[Photos via Square Three Design Studios]