You know the story: Mark Zuckerberg and his (largely liberal) friends want to hire more foreign engineers, so they're pushing for an immigration bill that needs strong conservative support. They've had to play dirty—and their latest TV ad is maybe the silliest sellout yet.

The spot, titled "STRONG," (as in strong enough to throw a bunch of immigrants down on the ground and STOMP 'EM) cheerleads a militarized border. Drones? Hell yeah. Radar? Sure, why not. "Ground sensors" and night vision? Might as well. Throw in 20,000 extra guards staring down Mexico, and you've got plenty of red state pols and their constituents eager to give this "comprehensive reform" thing a try—anyone who views the ad will see that it's coming from Americans for a Conservative Direction, a shell entity operated by

The efficacy of all this high tech military gear on a peacetime border isn't totally convincing. It's also very, very expensive. But if it's going to mean more visas for Zuck et al., they'll keep funding GI Joe YouTube episodes like this one.